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Audio Files and Amendment to Supporting Information Legend

Posted by PLOS_ONE_Group on 12 Nov 2014 at 21:28 GMT

The authors have made six different audio files available. Each is intended as Supporting Information (Audio) for the paper. This includes Audio S1 and Audio S2 with calls of the new species (Rana kauffeldi) and Audio S3 – S6 with calls of the other four species analyzed in the paper (R. sphenocephala, R. pipiens, R. palustris, and R. sylvatica):

Audio S1:
Audio S2:
Audio S3:
Audio S4:
Audio S5:
Audio S6:

Additionally, there is a note that should appear with the legend of Supporting Information Video S1. The correct legend should read:

A male Rana kauffeldi emitting its primary (advertisement) call in foreground with several other males calling in background (along with high-pitched Pseudacris crucifer). Note R. kauffeldi secondary calls (groans) between seconds 4 and 8 of the video. Video taken by JAF.

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