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Cooking with excess water removes critical nutrients in addition to removing iAs

Posted by rufuschaney on 10 Aug 2015 at 13:07 GMT

Although the cooker concept reported in this paper can indeed remove iAs, other testing by the US-FDA (submitted for publication) has shown that such cooking removes as high fraction of key nutrients which are important in reducing risk from iAs such as folate. And in the US, where rice is fortified with Fe and a number of vitamins (including folate) the bags advise against cooking with excess water because it will remove the fortification nutrients. Thus it is clear that such a method should not be used when rice is enriched to improve the nutritional quality of the food. And it is highly questionable whether removing iAs and folate by excess water cooking would be good nutritional advice.

Further, in the countries where high iAs in ingested rice contributes to risk, use of contaminated water adds significantly to iAs in the rice because iAs in the water becomes chemically bound to protein SH groups in the rice. High iAs water (drinking and especially cooking) remains the most important source of iAs risk to populations.

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