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rational for finding the driver nodes

Posted by alighanemi on 18 Dec 2013 at 11:35 GMT

In this article, the driver nodes are determined by database search. This is not consistent with the two articles on controlability cited. In Liu [48], the driver nodes are determined through finding a maximum matching, and in Nacher [50], the nodes in a minimum dominating set are considered the driver nodes.

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RE: rational for finding the driver nodes

yazdan59 replied to alighanemi on 19 Dec 2013 at 10:49 GMT

We have used an assumption in the paper in which the targets of approved anticancer metabolic drugs are driver nodes and therefore control cancer metabolic networks. Using this assumption, we have studied whether it is possible to explore topological parameters which could specify driver nodes in the metabolic networks. Therefore, we did not want to determine driver nodes based on previous studies (Liu et al. and Nacher et al.). Instead, we wanted to study whether the minimum dominating set (MDS) concept (in which each driver node could control its links by itself) is useful for cancer metabolic networks in order to find new drug targets since controlling cancer metabolism through internal signals seems more reasonable biologically. If so, there is a possibility for finding new treatment strategies based on determining driver nodes in cancer metabolic networks and this will be the significance of controllability in metabolic networks.

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