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Posted by koerding on 26 Sep 2007 at 22:46 GMT

This is the first time I am publishing in a journal that has a web 2.0 component. I am curious if we can really use this medium to enable a discussion.

I should state that I am one of the co-authors of this paper. I think that this paper may well warrant a discussion. It appears to relate to virtually any situation in which an animal may want to combine two cues.

I think there are some questions that merit discussion:
(1) Does the nervous system use an approximation to the full problem and if so which?
(2) How do neurons solve these problems?
(3) Do similar problems occur in movement problems? (I think yes as indicated by my NIPS paper last year)
(4) Does the nervous system really integrate out the causes (as proposed in the paper) or does it do something simpler?
(5) How would it work with more than two cues?
(6) Are there functional differences between different systems?
(7) How is it possible that a huge literature obtained great fits to human performance assuming linear rules?

Questions upon questions, some are already in the literature I presume. Lets discuss this!

Konrad Kording