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Flawed, flawed, and flawed

Posted by BorgQueen1701 on 15 Feb 2013 at 17:23 GMT

Here is Raw Foods analysis.

Some highlights:
The meat eaters group daily carb diet ranged between 37-65% of their calories. Any Paleo or Keto person would tell you that you are doing it wrong. THAT IS NOT A LOW CARB DIET! A low carb diet is less than 7-10% of your daily caloric intact. If I were to eat 65%, it would be about 150-200 carbs a day.

Also people who smoked and had higher BMIs were in the meat eaters group, you think that had ANYTHING to do with the outcome more than a diet?

And finally The veggie group and the meat group had almost equal amount of protein from animal products (eggs, cheese for example), so PROTEIN HAD NO EFFECT.

Well there you have it. A study that shows the relationship between low carb/high protien and mortality doesn't exist in a controlled study because it doesn't cause mortality.....PERIOD. THANK YOU.


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