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Compassion - Survival Instinct

Posted by savinggolden on 18 Jun 2013 at 15:18 GMT

"Although the study of collective human dynamics, including collective aggression, has been the focus of much discussion in the context of modeling and identification of universal patterns of behavior [18]–[25], the mechanisms leading to this diverse behavior of social unrest are unclear, and have never been attempted before."

Is it possible that nature's gift to humans - compassion as a survival instinct advancing group cohesion through golden rule behavior is so grounded in feeling of empathy and respect for the dignity of the person that compassion, as action, flows from the feeling of empathy for those being excluded, discriminated against, ignored, or otherwise treated unjustly - is the organic root of social unrest? In the aggregate, isn't it social unrest that results in human's greatest progress toward human dignity?

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