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Thank you from a severe M.E. patient

Posted by half-life on 05 Nov 2011 at 17:52 GMT

This disease robs you of most of your strength, your mental capacities and almost everything that made you proud of who you were. The media tries to portray us as malingerers and ungrateful, even as criminals by alleging we make death threats against M.E. researchers thus robbing us of our final remaining possession: our integrity as a good human being.

Thank you Fluge et al for going beyond the call of duty and performing the study(ies).
Thank you PLoS ONE for publishing.
Thank you Haukeland University Hospital for approving this work.
Thank you to all the patients who participated and all those others who suffer without help.
Thank you to all the scientists who have participated in the thousands of studies showing altered biology in M.E.

I feel honored that my words will be read by brilliant scientists who use their talents to advance science and improve the quality of life of humanity.

Thank you so much.

Competing interests declared: I am a severe M.E. patient and have family members reading all the M.E. related science giving me vulgarized summaries. I consider that M.E. being a somatic (of the body) illness is scientific fact.