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Posted by suetwine on 28 Apr 2010 at 12:58 GMT

Eleven of the identified immunoreactive proteins have not, to our knowledge, previously been documented to be immunoreactive with Francisella antisera, including intracellular growth locus subunit B (FTT1358c), ATPsynthase beta chain (FTT0064), type IV pilin multimeric outer membrane protein (FTT1156c) and NADH dehydrogenase G subunit (FTT0037).

Some of these immunoreactive proteins have been reported in earlier studies, sepcifically,
page 570 of the 2007 J Bact paper (J.F. Huntley et al.) wrote:

"A comparison of 2DE-identified F. tularensis proteins.... with 2DE immunoblot analysis using
pooled mouse sera ...indicated that FopA (FTT0583), OmpA (FTT0831c), ATP synthase (FTT0064), PilQ (FTT1156c),
GroEL (FTT1696), KatG (FTT0721c), and Tul4-A (FTT0901) are immunogenic during mouse infections.

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