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you owe the Chinese authors for a rational explanation

Posted by laomao on 07 Mar 2016 at 10:33 GMT

Dear editors,

Just a few more words about my options on the problem of translation.

1) "Nature" can be translated to be "???" in Chinese.

This is an example from a famous Chinese poem ??????, written by ??(Su Tungpo) in 1082. He said "??????????????????", which means "Nature brings us everything, and we should share it with each other."

Here, "???" means "Nature", not "God".

2)So why the Chinese authors use "Creator" instead of "Nature"?


"??" is a verb. which means "create",
"?" is a noun. which means "-er", or "-or"

If I translated "???" to English three days ago, it would also be "creator".
(eg: speak and speaker, advise and advisor)

Because we may make a language mistake in this way:

"Nature"="???", and "???"="creator"

So we may think "Nature" is equal to "Creator" when we are writing in English.

3) I am afraid this is just an issue about culture differences, not faking any paper.

As P. Z. Myers said "There?s nothing wrong with the data that I can see..."(
As KipHansen mentioned in comments"Retraction seems to have been done without consulting the authors", is this the truth?

I am afraid NOW you are just playing the Creator and decide this story is over.

Thank you.

No competing interests declared.

RE: you owe the Chinese authors for a rational explanation

laomao replied to laomao on 07 Mar 2016 at 10:36 GMT

Chinese can't be shown on this website?

so I am afraid there is no chance at all to explain the translation problem.

No competing interests declared.