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Possible (small) error in data for (post hoc) criteria for improvement

Posted by tkindlon on 03 Aug 2012 at 16:45 GMT

The criteria for improvement in this paper are the same post-hoc dichotomous criteria that were published in the Lancet (the dichotomous criteria for improvement listed in the primary outcome measures in the protocol paper have thus far not been published) (1,2,3). I'm guessing there is an error in either this paper or the Lancet paper as one of the eight sets of figures do not match:
In the current paper, 96 (64.0%) of the participants are said to improve on fatigue with APT; in the Lancet paper, the figure given is 99 (65%).

Incidentally, as I mentioned elsewhere, two letters have been published criticising the post-hoc criteria for improvement (4,5).


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Competing interests declared: I work in a voluntary (i.e. unpaid) capacity for the Irish ME/CFS Association