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Publisher's Note: Omitted Acknowledgments.

Posted by PLOS_ONE_Group on 15 Oct 2012 at 22:47 GMT


Acknowledgments were erroneously omitted from the published article. The Acknowledgments are:

Funding support for the development of NIH Human Microbiome Project - Core
Microbiome Sampling Protocol A (HMP-A) was provided by the NIH Roadmap for
Medical Research. Clinical data from this study were jointly produced by
the Baylor College of Medicine and the Washington University School of
Medicine. Sequencing data were produced by the Baylor College of Medicine
Human Genome Sequencing Center, The Broad Institute, the Genome Center at
Washington University, and the J. Craig Ventor Institute. These data were
submitted by the EMMES Corporation, which serves as the clinical data
collection site for the HMP.

No competing interests declared.