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"Soccer" is British slang for the sport worldwide known as football

Posted by Nilehorse17 on 05 Apr 2012 at 09:09 GMT

It is quaint to note that, presumably owing to football having a different meaning in USA than in the rest of the world, the authors (had to) use the slangword "soccer" to describe the beautiful game and the world's most common sport in their article -- excpet for in the header of the critical histogram ,which has "Football" in its title.

After all, "soccer" is slang or colloqialism for the sport the world knows as "football" in all its forms in different languages, whether it be "fotboll" or "Fussball" or "fútbol".

What next? The "FA Cup Final" to be renamed the "SA Cup Final" with all that connotates? "Total Footbal" to be called "Complete Soccer"?

In future let us call them Football and American Football.

No competing interests declared.