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There were two "first annotations"

Posted by torstenseemann on 25 Nov 2012 at 23:18 GMT

Its capabilities and efficiency were demonstrated in the 2011 EHEC Germany outbreak in which BG7 was used to get the first annotations right the next day after the first entero-hemorrhagic E. coli genome sequences were made publicly available.

I would like to clarify the statement about the first annotation of the 2011 EHEC strain. Nick Loman provided Mira-assembled contigs from the original Ion Torrent data to both us and Marina Manrique in the afternoon, as we were all in attendance at the ABPHM 2011 conference at Hinxton/ Simon annotated them that evening after dinner using an early version of my Prokka software and emailed it around. Marina performed an annotation that night too, and set up the Git repository. In summary, the credit for first annotation should go to both Marina/Eduardo/Era7 and Simon/Torsten/VBC.

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RE: There were two "first annotations"

rtobes replied to torstenseemann on 27 Nov 2012 at 19:55 GMT

Thanks for your comments. It is true, and your annotation is included in the Github repository that we opened for the contributions to the analysis of E. coli German outbreak all over the world. This is the url:

I put the word “annotations” in plural form but maybe it would have been better to put “one of the first annotations". Anyway we would like to thank all the people that collaborated in this interesting crowdsourcing initiative.

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