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PLoS ONE Group

Posted by PLOS_ONE_Group on 24 Sep 2007 at 20:17 GMT

Referee Comments: Referee 2, Dr. Leif Groop

Reviewer 2's Review

“Staiger et al have studied the effect of SNPs in four novel candidate genes for T2D, i.e. SLC30A8,HHEX,EXT2 and LOC387761 on measures of insulin secretion (OGTT and IVGTT) and insulin-stimulated glucose uptake (clamp) in subgroups of 921 medtabolically characterized subjects.

SNP rs13266634 in SLC30A8 and rs 7923837 in HHEX were associated with impaired insulin secretion but not with insulin resistance.

The paper provides novel important information on the potential role of these SNPs on insulin secretion and action.
The methods are appropriate for the questions asked and the conclusions are warranted by the data.”

N.B. These are the general comments made by the reviewer when reviewing this paper in light of which the manuscript was revised. Specific points addressed during revision of the paper are not shown.