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General effect of homeopathy

Posted by fxe001 on 29 Apr 2015 at 21:05 GMT

Sir, this is a fascinating, well performed and carefully designed study that shows a positive result, may be more positive tan Foxetin, on depression in perimenopausal women with individualized homeopathic treatment. Methods are clearly explained for people that have a minimum knowledge of homeopathic therapeutics. As an interesting feature, hot flushes are ameliorated along with depression suggesting that homeopathic treatment has a general action, not limited to certain pathology. Other interesting original add for this paper is eliminating the homeopathic consultation as a confounding factor for the positive effect. It is possible that adding a fourth arm receiving both placebos but without the homeopathic consultation would have shown a bigger difference with the active treatments. Also with a longer follow-up the study would have possibly shown bigger differences between groups.

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RE: General effect of homeopathy

ecmc2008 replied to fxe001 on 30 Apr 2015 at 01:30 GMT

Yes, I agree with you. Probably a longer follow-up would have shown better results in remission rates. Another interesting fact is to study the differences in the effect of individualized homeopathic treatment between women with and without risk factors for depression.

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