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Kon-Tiki as an open source biochar technology

Posted by Pedregoza on 03 May 2017 at 14:42 GMT

I was very happy to see this article. We are in the process of developing a program in the Orinoco River basin of Colombia, where we want to use the Kon-Tiki pyrolysis ovens as an open source technology that can be affordably implemented by local campesinos.The Guyana Shield has some of the poorest soils on the planet, so we are working in the right place to implement this technology. This article confirms many of our assumptions, and will help to develop training programs using pyrolysis.

Competing interests declared: We produce biochar using industrial carbonization pyrolysis ovens. However, as an NGO we do not view the distribution of open source technology like the Kon-Tiki as being competetive in nature, as small famrers and land owners are not the target market of industrial biochar production.