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Should science not be an instrument to understand better who we are?

Posted by fixundfoxi1 on 05 Mar 2016 at 09:20 GMT

I think it is a fair statement of the writer concluding that there is no artificial technical tool that can achieve the capabilities of a human hand.
Should therefore these observations not rather make us think about if there might finally be a Creator with a plan instead of building our conclusions on an assumption called "evolution"?
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Reflecting on yourself is not science; welcome to philosophy.

Beagle replied to fixundfoxi1 on 06 Mar 2016 at 22:12 GMT

Can't believe you missed that point: we are free to fall in wonderment and free to believe in whatever we will... but scientific papers are simply not the place to do so.
Scientific papers are used to share reproducible, methodologically controled results of planned experiments. Although nice results can make you feel happy or impressed, these emotions will not be part of your paper. If you want to share feelings or emotions, use art.
Oh dear.

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