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""Clarification on Data Availability""

Posted by mariaiacono on 06 Aug 2015 at 13:58 GMT

The MIDA model data are freely available from (DOI: 10.13099/ViP-MIDA-V1.0). A 5 CHF download fee is asked for administrative costs to verify and track the identity of the users. The released MIDA model includes a total of 116 structures (i.e., 115 structures listed in Table 1 of the manuscript and the background). Inquiries regarding this model may be sent to<http://mailto:MIDAmodel@f...>.
Atlas-based thalamic nuclei (Digitalized Morel Atlas) data from ETH Zurich are currently not available for distribution due to third-party license limitation. More information about the thalamic nuclei can be found in: Jakab A, Blanc R, Berényi E, Székely G Generation of Individualized Thalamus Target Maps by Using Statistical Shape Models and Thalamocortical Tractography. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2012; 33: 2110-2116. This paper is available on:>.

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