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Biased study

Posted by jbmaine on 07 Jan 2012 at 15:56 GMT

The 5 factor model is used for job placement in the military and business. It contains a traditional gender stereotype. This is evident from the stated fact that 20% of men are so-called 'sensitives'. That's 1/5th of the male population. The 5 factor model is sufficient for feeding people who are functional in the military and business into those jobs. The harm done by the 5 factor biasses is that (1) it stigmatizes the 1/5th of males as 'unmanly' (given its implicit stereotyping) and, perhaps what is worse for society (2) it marginalizes creative, imaginative, holistic, intuitive and visionary people from the organizational 'personality' of the military and business world. These two harms make economic society less creative and innovative and the military more transgressive and brutul.

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