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A Commentary on this paper has been published in Psychological Science

Posted by Ruth_Dixon on 27 Mar 2015 at 10:20 GMT

A commentary on this paper (and on another by the same authors) was published in Psychological Science on 26 March 2015. Co-authored by myself and Jonathan Jones, the commentary is entitled ‘Conspiracist Ideation as a Predictor of Climate Science Rejection: An Alternative Analysis.’

Our commentary demonstrates that there is a curved relationship between climate science belief and conspiracist ideation. That is, both people who are strongly sceptical of climate science and those who are fully convinced are less likely to accept conspiracy theories than those who are less decided about climate change.

A reply by Lewandowsky and co-authors appears in the same issue of Psychological Science.

Competing interests declared: I am a co-author of the Commentary mentioned in this comment.