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How many lanes in Figure 5?

Posted by LeonidSchneider on 25 Jan 2019 at 08:34 GMT

First, I would like to congratulate Prof Ruben Plentz on this interesting study and its "republication", which I am sure stresses the therapeutic importance of this work which will advance cancer therapies and help many patients.
The Figure 5 was corrected for inadvertent duplications of western blot panels, it is important to stress here that "The University of Tuebingen investigated these issues and did not find evidence of misconduct."
However, there are still some minor issues in that figure.
According to the labels, the gels shown should have 7 lanes. In the old version of the Figure 5 ( we see the following:
5A, 1st actin blot has 8 lanes
5B, 1st actin blot has 8 lanes
5B, N-cadherin blot has 6 lanes
5B, 2nd actin blot has 6 lanes
Unfortunately, the issues remained in the new version of the figure which was republished in 2018. But then again, since other panels do contain 7 lanes, the average as well as the mean number of lanes per panel remains 7, with minor error bars?

Competing interests declared: I am an admirer of Prof Plentz scientific work and have blogged about it:

RE: How many lanes in Figure 5?

PLOS_ONE_Group replied to LeonidSchneider on 25 Jan 2019 at 21:59 GMT

Thank you for raising these issues to our attention. PLOS ONE is following up on this matter and we apologize that these errors were not addressed in the previous Correction and republication.

No competing interests declared.