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Science of Well Being by Yale University in Coursera

Posted by psivalingam on 13 Oct 2021 at 18:49 GMT

I hope this Survey finding will reflect in my life also as i have started learning, but I'm looking for male entities to learn about Science of Well Being without Gender Difference (Only 25% here as per data), as i have found data that jobs are even identify as collar jobs by Color, Pink Collar for Females. Why people made this ender discriminations. Even a color is embraced to a certain gender,
SoWB Student @ Coursera

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RE: Science of Well Being by Yale University in Coursera

vgonzalez replied to psivalingam on 14 Aug 2022 at 18:19 GMT

One type of journaling is not better than other studies might include more than one type of journaling format in their mindfulness intervention, and happiness attunement which makes it difficult to isolate as an individual having poor effects in situations. A journaling format reappraisals contributes to any gratitude journaling. Mindfulness serves as an intervention.
Self-Compassion Scale of happiness found here to the best of my understanding suggested that both types of journaling are effective. Surprisingly, however, journaling groups had the a significant improvement when working as a team, on a Self-Compassion Scale.
The gratitude journaling group examples how journaling is used in mindfulness.
A gratitude journal are as follows:
An assessment of our lives, both large and small we might be grateful for . Think back over the past week and write down or fill in the exercises on the five things in your life that you are grateful or thankful for.
If this were my journal, for example, I would list the following five things I am grateful for:
1. I am healthy enough to run.
2. I adopted two little dogs who make me laugh.
3. I am reading an interesting book.
4. My work is difficult, and this stimulates me.
5. We bought a heater so that our house isn’t cold.
Items that you are grateful for can be inanimate or animate, material or abstract, as general, or specific. as you want. Find things that you are grateful for.
Journaling check -in take a moment to check your progress on a task/goal, your feelings, reflect on what has happened. One way is to specify my goals for the week in my journal by the end of each day, I reflected on how much progress I have made toward that goal.

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