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Definition of Vegetarians, lack of quality of food

Posted by mikendah on 06 Apr 2014 at 09:31 GMT

The Group of vegetarians, including vegan, ovo-lakto vegetarian and even people eating fish does not make any sense. There are vegetarians that eat a lot of suggar and animal protein in form from cheese and butter. So you should seperate the groups. Caloric intake and quality of food has to be checked. The groups "rich in fruits and vegetables", "less rich in meat" and "rich in meat" have to be defined.
Hardly anyone is born vegetarian, so it would be important to know how long participants have been vegetarians, and as the authors declare themselfes also why. Actually if someone eats a lot of meat and changes then because of an medical incident to a vegetarian diet you should exclude this sample.

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RE: Definition of Vegetarians, lack of quality of food

burkert replied to mikendah on 10 Apr 2014 at 08:23 GMT

We have listed several aspects in the section regarding limitations of the study. We also say that more in-depth studies about nutritional habits and their effects on health are needed.

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