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Question about raw data graph

Posted by JamesBern on 09 Nov 2015 at 18:07 GMT

Hello, I was wondering about the preference results posted in Figshare (
Is there a key or graph explaining the column titles, such as "Pref8A"? I assumed these were the names of the models, but I was then unsure what the columns named "Pref24A_Length" and "Pref24A_Girth" would be.

Thank you,
James Bern

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RE: Question about raw data graph

nprause replied to JamesBern on 30 Oct 2016 at 11:39 GMT

As most scientists, we did not create a data manual. While we disclosed more than the immediate data set recommended on this open-science platform, I also was concerned that, especially with these type of data, someone might misinterpret a scale or value and cause concern in some group that was unwarranted (i.e., "my penis is actually too big/small"). We decided to keep the column names as we had them to make sure people would interact to identify the best variable(s) for what they were trying to answer.

We asked women to select their ideal phallus for many different situations. Pref8 etc. refers to the question that they were asked. As the women themselves just picked the phallus, we then had to create variables that noted the actual length and girth of the phallus selected, hence Pref24A_Length Pref24A_Girth.

If you have a special interest in analyzing the data, either for replication or a new analysis, I am happy to share the complete question set too.

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