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Neutering CHD link?

Posted by jlarrydunn on 16 Dec 2013 at 14:46 GMT

Responsible breeders of golden retrievers and many other breeds strive to reduce the incidence of CHD by early detection methods such as examination of radiographs using OFA or Penn-Hip methodology. Pups with indications of the condition are often sold with the proviso that they must be neutered. Did your study take into account this possible bias as relates to neutering and CHD? While this practice might have some small effect on the CHD portion of your study it doesn't detract at all from the very interesting and most concerning associations between neutering and various neoplastic diseases.

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RE: Neutering CHD link?

blhart replied to jlarrydunn on 16 Dec 2013 at 19:26 GMT

You raise a relevant issue regarding hip dysplasia. We did investigate whether the intact dogs were mostly intended for breeding, and they were not. In the hospital records there is no mention of why the dogs were neutered; our general impression is that neutering, especially early neutering, is just the societal norm, not a reflection of being required to neuter because of radiographic indications of hip dysplasia as a puppy. The great majority of dogs are neutered. We have talked with a key person in the Golden Retriever Club that sees no reason to feel any of screening of puppies is reflected in or results. The feeling is that with a large pool of Goldens, not that many have been carefully screened as puppies. Of course, in the Goldens the occurrence of another joint disorder, cranial cruciate ligament tears or ruptures were increased by neutering in both males and females.

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