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Data availability?

Posted by AndyFarke on 07 Feb 2013 at 18:55 GMT

Can you please provide the full raw data tables used for the extant taxa? As it is, there's no way to know precisely what species or measurements were used for some parts of the analysis. I realize that some data were extracted from other literature (and this is appropriately cited), but without a full species list (and ideally, the raw data), it would be very difficult or impossible for another worker to exactly reproduce the analysis or build upon it. This is also important because at least one of the cited data sources (Ref. 38) links to a university web page that may not necessarily be available in the long-term (unless the data are permanently archived elsewhere, at a service such as Dryad or figshare). Additionally, for constantly updated databases (e.g., FishBase), there is no way to know what queries were used or entries were extracted.

So, would it be possible to upload the full data to a permanent archive (e.g., Figshare or Dryad)?

Competing interests declared: I am a volunteer academic editor and section editor (paleontology) for PLOS ONE, but did not handle any aspect of the editorial process for this paper.

RE: Data availability?

davehone replied to AndyFarke on 21 Feb 2013 at 14:38 GMT

All data is now available and archived at FIGSHARE at this URL:

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