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Poor Form and Invalid Peer Review

Posted by politicoid on 08 Mar 2016 at 13:38 GMT

As others have mentioned, this is poor form, just for the fact that the peer reviewers and editors did not check for a translation error. However, even if there was no translation error, I am going to say that this was poor form. In fact, it borders on bigotry and broken science.

Every time we investigate a theory, we make a number of assumptions. These assumptions are folded into the theory that we investigate. We are testing the theory, with these assumptions included, and if we falsify the theory, we falsify it with those assumptions included.

As the paper stands, the author makes an assumption relating to a "creator" in the introduction. The assumption is of the form U: x -> y, that is assuming U, if x is true, then y is true as well. The paper then goes on to support x. Therefore, under U, y is supported.

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RE: Poor Form and Invalid Peer Review

canofuncanny replied to politicoid on 09 Mar 2016 at 23:05 GMT

The assumption of a Creator has no place in a scientific paper because it is not an assumption that can be tested and disproven.

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