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Posted by koerding on 18 Nov 2007 at 21:45 GMT

After completion of this work, we became aware of a paper by Yoshiyuki Sato, Taro Toyoizumi and Kazuyuki Aihara, who independently developed a similar model (Neural Computation, in press).

This excellent paper has just appeared in NC. I highly recommend reading this paper as it exposes many additional issues and shows the strength of the causal inference approach in partially overlapping and partially non-overlapping areas.

I have done some informal comparisons of their results and ours and indeed the model predictions are very similar.

Sato, Y., Toyoizumi, T., & Aihara, K. (2007) Bayesian inference
explains perception of unity and ventriloquism aftereffect:
identification of common sources of audiovisual stimuli. Neural
Computation, 19 (12), 3335-3355.