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Questions (and rationale)

Posted by ajanssen on 28 Aug 2018 at 12:24 GMT

1. Does the author have any personal experience working with transgender youth? I ask, because for those of us with significant experience working with this population (and contrary to the article, very much in alignment with the current literature out there on gender dysphoria et. al.) know that often parents describe their child's disclosure after puberty as coming completely out of the blue, influenced by social media, etc. This has even been described by parents of one kid who literally came out as transgender at age 6, again at age 9 and again at age 13. "this came out of nowhere!" they said. To rely only on parent report, particularly parent reports gathered from websites that exist because of skepticism about transgender identities seems methodologically flawed.

2. How did you decide on which websites to use in your design? There are many parent support groups across multiple platforms, and you'll get different responses based on who self-selects to visit those websites. Either way, your responses will be reflective of the parents' experience, not the childs' experience.

3. What was your goal in designing this study? And did you get any mentorship or support from individuals with experience working with transgender youth? I'd be happy to speak to you offline about what impact this has had on families, particularly those with kids that have recently disclosed a transgender identity.

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