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Phonetic characters - range for radius

Posted by fdeloche on 25 May 2020 at 21:17 GMT

The text was affected by the PlosOne compilation with two rendering issues:

1. Phonetic characters. All the phonetic characters are displayed correctly, except two, in the first two subsections of 'Results'. i) the character [ʃ] (postalveolar voiceless fricative) appears as a [S] ii) the character [θ] (voiceless dental fricative) appears as a [T]. The meaning of these two symbols is given in the text, so that they can still be understood with the context.
2. Range for r. In the subsection 'Vowels, semivowels, and nasals', the range after 'a steep phase transition occurring between u=0.5 and u=0.7' should be read as 'r=0.7-0.9 cm'.

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