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The lifestyle libertarianism questions seem to be inadequate.

Posted by hprice506 on 01 May 2018 at 22:25 GMT

I cannot believe that self-identified conservatives are really lifestyle libertarians. The article does not present the entire list of questions used, so I can only judge by the one that was disclosed. The reason that question is inadequate is that lifestyle libertarianism is not about your freedom to pursue your own lifestyle. Is is about your willingness to give other people the liberty to pursue their own lifestyles. I would suggest that questions like the following should be added in future research:

1. If a same-sex couple came into your place of business and offered to pay you to provide your products or services for their wedding celebrations, would you welcome them as customers?
2. If a trans-gender person was a customer in your place of business and asked to use a restroom you provide for your patrons, would you allow that person to use the restroom designated for the gender that person identifies with?
3. If a young unmarried women came into the drugstore where you work wanting to purchase a "morning-after pill," would you sell it to her?
4. If your saw a Muslim woman wearing a head-scarf, would you suspect that she was a terrorist or jihadi?
5. Do you believe that atheists are more likely than other people to commit serious crimes?
6. If you heard person in your voting place speaking Spanish, would you suspect that person of being a non-citizen attempting to vote illegally?

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