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Earlier investigation on this topic

Posted by khkrause on 17 May 2013 at 08:24 GMT

This is not the first study showing an increase of DAT in patients with ADHD after long term therapy with methylphenidate. In 2005 Feron et al. found an increase of 17% of DAT availability, measured by FP-CIT-SPECT, in male boys with ADHD after long term MPH-therapy (Feron FJ, Hendriksen JG, van Kroonenburgh MJ, Blom-Coenjaerts C, Kessels AG, Jolles J, Weber WE, Vles JS. Dopamine transporter in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder normalizes after cessation of methylphenidate. Pediatr Neurol. 2005 Sep;33(3):179-83.), as we described already in our book „ADHS im Erwachsenenalter“ (3rd edition, Stuttgart, New York: Schattauer 2009).
Johanna and Klaus-Henning Krause

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