About the Authors

Christopher A. Brochu


Affiliation Department of Geoscience, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, United States of America

Jackson Njau

Affiliations Human Evolution Research Center, Department of Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley, California, United States of America, National Natural History Museum, Arusha, Tanzania

Robert J. Blumenschine

Affiliation Center for Human Evolutionary Studies, Department of Anthropology, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States of America

Llewellyn D. Densmore

Affiliation Department of Biological Sciences, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, United States of America

Competing Interests

The authors have declared that no competing interests exist.

Author Contributions

Conceived and designed the experiments: CB LD. Analyzed the data: CB. Contributed reagents/materials/analysis tools: JN RB LD. Wrote the paper: CB JN RB.