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Commitment to Capacity

PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases has a dedicated mission of building science and health capacity in disease-endemic countries and actively works to promote the activities and efforts of the scientists, health practitioners, and public health experts working in these regions.

“At PLOS NTDs, we are keen to publish high quality research  papers as well as level the playing field for all scientists in our global community. Particularly, we are keen to receive good papers from researchers in disease endemic countries, most affected by these diseases.”  – Dr. Serap Aksoy, co-Editor-in-Chief 


PLOS NTDs authors represent the global neglected tropical disease research community, and we are determined to further increase submissions of research conducted by scientists and clinicians from disease endemic countries. The shading on this map indicates our 2014 author base, the darker shading denoting higher numbers of authors:


The PLOS NTDs Editorial Board is composed of researchers, clinicians, and policy makers based in over 45 countries, the majority in regions where NTDs are endemic.

“A unique aspect of PLOS NTDs is our unprecedented commitment to building our editorial board with widespread representation from disease-endemic countries, including women scientists from those nations.” – Dr. Peter Hotez, co-Editor-in-Chief

In addition to their responsibilities for coordinating the peer-review process, PLOS NTDs editors play an integral role in guiding journal direction. 

The contribution of these editors as representatives of a larger NTDs community is crucial, and currently over one-third of PLOS NTDs editors are based at institutions outside of North America and Europe. The journal is dedicated to increasing this proportion as part of our capacity building mission. 

Writing Workshop Program

To equip and support authors from the areas in the world greatly impacted by the spectrum of neglected tropical diseases, PLOS NTDs works with members of our Editorial Board and the scientific community to provide free manuscript writing workshops around the world. These workshops are geared toward helping young scientists understand the publication process and best practices for manuscript writing. 

Workshop slides

Workshop slides in English, Spanish, and Portuguese can be downloaded below. We are delighted to offer these slides as resources for both authors and educators under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license. Read our licenses and copyright policy. For more information or questions about the writing workshops, please email us at



  PowerPoint (7.7 MB)

Past workshops


Iguacu, 2010, led by co-Editor-in-Chief Serap Aksoy

Sao Paulo, led by Deputy Editor Sara Lustigman


Buea, led by Deputy Editor Sara Lustigman

Yaoundé, March 2017, led by Associate Editor Louis-Albert Tchuem Tchuenté


Xi'an, October 2009, led by Deputy Editor Sara Lustigman

Shanghai, March 2016, led by co-Editor-in-Chief Serap Aksoy

Shanghai, June 2016, led by Associate Editor David Blair


Pavia, December 2015, led by co-Editor-in-Chief Serap Aksoy


Muguga, April 2012, led by co-Editor-in-Chief Serap Aksoy

Kilifi, September 2014, led by co-Editor-in-Chief Serap Aksoy

Kwale County, October 2014, led by Deputy Editor Desiree LaBeaud and Associate Editor Francis Mutuku

Nairobi, June 2015, led by co-Editor-in-Chief Serap Aksoy and Associate Editor Dan Masiga

Ukunda, October 2015, led by Deputy Editor A. Desiree La Beaud

Nairobi, February 2016, led by co-Editor-in-Chief Serap Aksoy


Lima, January 2014, led by Deputy Editors Dan Bausch and Amy Morrison

Iquitos, August 2014, led by Deputy Editor Amy Morrison

Lima, January 2015, led by Deputy Editors Dan Bausch and Amy Morrison


Ankara, April 2011, led by co-Editor-in-Chief Serap Aksoy

Kayseri, March 2014, led by co-Editor-in-Chief Serap Aksoy


Kampala, May 2008, led by co-Editor-in-Chief Serap Aksoy

Kampala, September 2009, led by co-Editor-in-Chief Serap Aksoy

United States

Washington D.C., 2010, led by co-Editor-in-Chief Serap Aksoy

Galveston, March 2015, led by Deputy Editors Photini Sinnis


Harare, July 2015, led by Associate Editor Francisca Mutapi

Mutare, July 2015, led by Associate Editor Francisca Mutapi