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September 2013

Viable protoscolex of Echinococcus granulosus in a cyst fluid sample aspirated from an active echinococcal cyst (CE1) and photographed with a Zeiss light microscope and mounted camera. The rostellar hooks are seen in the invaginated protoscolex. See Neumayr et al.

Image Credit: Enrico Brunetti


Advancing Sino-Indian Cooperation to Combat Tropical Diseases

Peter Hotez, Sunit K. Singh, Xiao-Nong Zhou


Coming out of the Shell: Building the Molecular Infrastructure for Research on Parasite-Harbouring Snails

Cinzia Cantacessi, Sattrachai Prasopdee, Javier Sotillo, Jason Mulvenna, Smarn Tesana, Alex Loukas

Policy Platform

Preparing for Dengue Vaccine Introduction: Recommendations from the 1st Dengue v2V International Meeting

Joseph Torresi, Roberto Tapia-Conyer, Harold Margolis

Integration of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene for the Prevention and Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases: A Rationale for Inter-Sectoral Collaboration

Matthew C. Freeman, Stephanie Ogden, Julie Jacobson, Daniel Abbott, David G. Addiss, Asrat G. Amnie, Colin Beckwith, Sandy Cairncross, Rafael Callejas, Jack M. Colford Jr, Paul M. Emerson, Alan Fenwick, Rebecca Fishman, Kerry Gallo, Jack Grimes, Gagik Karapetyan, Brooks Keene, Patrick J. Lammie, Chad MacArthur, Peter Lochery, Helen Petach, Jennifer Platt, Sarina Prabasi, Jan Willem Rosenboom, Sharon Roy, Darren Saywell, Lisa Schechtman, Anupama Tantri, Yael Velleman, Jürg Utzinger

Related Articles


Review of Climate, Landscape, and Viral Genetics as Drivers of the Japanese Encephalitis Virus Ecology

Guillaume Le Flohic, Vincent Porphyre, Philippe Barbazan, Jean-Paul Gonzalez

Atypical Human Infections by Animal Trypanosomes

Philippe Truc, Philippe Büscher, Gérard Cuny, Mary Isabel Gonzatti, Jean Jannin, Prashant Joshi, Prayag Juyal, Zhao-Rong Lun, Raffaele Mattioli, Etienne Pays, Pere P. Simarro, Marta Maria Geraldes Teixeira, Louis Touratier, Philippe Vincendeau, Marc Desquesnes

Research Articles

Factors Associated with Dengue Shock Syndrome: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Nguyen Tien Huy, Tran Van Giang, Dinh Ha Duy Thuy, Mihoko Kikuchi, Tran Tinh Hien, Javier Zamora, Kenji Hirayama

Association between Age and Severity to Leptospirosis in Children

Gilles Guerrier, Pauline Hie, Ann-Claire Gourinat, Emilie Huguon, Yann Polfrit, Cyrille Goarant, Eric D'Ortenzio, Isabelle Missotte

Validation of Two Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Visceral Leishmaniasis in Kenya

Jane Mbui, Monique Wasunna, Manica Balasegaram, Adrian Laussermayer, Rashid Juma, Simon Njoroge Njenga, George Kirigi, Mark Riongoita, Roberto de la Tour, Joke van Peteghem, Raymond Omollo, François Chappuis

Microarray Analysis of Microbiota of Gingival Lesions in Noma Patients

Antoine Huyghe, Patrice François, Andrea Mombelli, Manuela Tangomo, Myriam Girard, Denise Baratti-Mayer, Ignacio Bolivar, Didier Pittet, Jacques Schrenzel, the Geneva Study Group on Noma (GESNOMA)

In Silico Identification of a Candidate Synthetic Peptide (Tsgf118–43) to Monitor Human Exposure to Tsetse Flies in West Africa

Emilie Dama, Sylvie Cornelie, Mamadou Camara, Martin Bienvenu Somda, Anne Poinsignon, Hamidou Ilboudo, Emmanuel Elanga Ndille, Vincent Jamonneau, Philippe Solano, Franck Remoue, Zakaria Bengaly, Adrien Marie Gaston Belem, Bruno Bucheton

Local Immune Responses of the Chinese Water Buffalo, Bubalus bubalis, against Schistosoma japonicum Larvae: Crucial Insights for Vaccine Design

Hamish E. G. McWilliam, David Piedrafita, Yuesheng Li, Mao Zheng, Yongkang He, Xinling Yu, Donald P. McManus, Els N. T. Meeusen

Impact of Neutrophil-Secreted Myeloid Related Proteins 8 and 14 (MRP 8/14) on Leishmaniasis Progression

Irazú Contreras, Marina T. Shio, Annabelle Cesaro, Philippe A. Tessier, Martin Olivier

The Nicaraguan Pediatric Dengue Cohort Study: Incidence of Inapparent and Symptomatic Dengue Virus Infections, 2004–2010

Aubree Gordon, Guillermina Kuan, Juan Carlos Mercado, Lionel Gresh, William Avilés, Angel Balmaseda, Eva Harris

Eco-Bio-Social Determinants for House Infestation by Non-domiciliated Triatoma dimidiata in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Eric Dumonteil, Pierre Nouvellet, Kathryn Rosecrans, Maria Jesus Ramirez-Sierra, Rubi Gamboa-León, Vladimir Cruz-Chan, Miguel Rosado-Vallado, Sébastien Gourbière

Presence of Virus Neutralizing Antibodies in Cerebral Spinal Fluid Correlates with Non-Lethal Rabies in Dogs

Clement W. Gnanadurai, Ming Zhou, Wenqi He, Christina M. Leyson, Chien-tsun Huang, Gregory Salyards, Stephen B. Harvey, Zhenhai Chen, Biao He, Yang Yang, D. C. Hooper, Berhnard Dietzchold, Zhen F. Fu

Improved Completion Rates and Characterization of Drug Reactions with an Intensive Chagas Disease Treatment Program in Rural Bolivia

Jeffrey A. Tornheim, Daniel F. Lozano Beltran, Robert H. Gilman, Mario Castellon, Marco A. Solano Mercado, Walter Sullca, Faustino Torrico, Caryn Bern

The Diagnosis of Human Fascioliasis by Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) Using Recombinant Cathepsin L Protease

Bibiana Gonzales Santana, John P. Dalton, Fabio Vasquez Camargo, Michael Parkinson, Momar Ndao

Update on the Mapping of Prevalence and Intensity of Infection for Soil-Transmitted Helminth Infections in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Call for Action

Martha Idalí Saboyá, Laura Catalá, Rubén Santiago Nicholls, Steven Kenyon Ault

Current and Future Niche of North and Central American Sand Flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) in Climate Change Scenarios

David Moo-Llanes, Carlos N. Ibarra-Cerdeña, Eduardo A. Rebollar-Téllez, Sergio Ibáñez-Bernal, Camila González, Janine M. Ramsey

Prevention of Tungiasis and Tungiasis-Associated Morbidity Using the Plant-Based Repellent Zanzarin: A Randomized, Controlled Field Study in Rural Madagascar

Marlene Thielecke, Vaomalala Raharimanga, Christophe Rogier, Manuela Stauss-Grabo, Vincent Richard, Hermann Feldmeier

Public Acceptance and Willingness-to-Pay for a Future Dengue Vaccine: A Community-Based Survey in Bandung, Indonesia

Panji Fortuna Hadisoemarto, Marcia C. Castro

Lipidated Dengue-2 Envelope Protein Domain III Independently Stimulates Long-Lasting Neutralizing Antibodies and Reduces the Risk of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement

Chen-Yi Chiang, Chien-Hsiung Pan, Chun-Hsiang Hsieh, Jy-Ping Tsai, Mei-Yu Chen, Hsueh-Hung Liu, Shih-Jen Liu, Pele Chong, Chih-Hsiang Leng, Hsin-Wei Chen

Hospital-Based Surveillance for Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers and Hepatitides in Ghana

Joseph Humphrey Kofi Bonney, Mubarak Osei-Kwasi, Theophilus Korku Adiku, Jacob Samson Barnor, Robert Amesiya, Chrysantus Kubio, Lawson Ahadzie, Stephan Ölschläger, Michaela Lelke, Beate Becker-Ziaja, Meike Pahlmann, Stephan Günther

Temephos Resistance in Aedes aegypti in Colombia Compromises Dengue Vector Control

Nelson Grisales, Rodolphe Poupardin, Santiago Gomez, Idalyd Fonseca-Gonzalez, Hilary Ranson, Audrey Lenhart

Larval Breeding Sites of Lutzomyia longipalpis (Diptera: Psychodidae) in Visceral Leishmaniasis Endemic Urban Areas in Southeastern Brazil

Cláudio Casanova, Maria T. M. Andrighetti, Susy M. P. Sampaio, Maria L. G. Marcoris, Fernanda E. Colla-Jacques, Ângelo P. Prado

A Retrospective Study of the Epidemiology of Leprosy in Cebu: An Eleven-Year Profile

Pauline F. D. Scheelbeek, Marivic V. F. Balagon, Florenda M. Orcullo, Armi A. Maghanoy, Junie Abellana, Paul R. Saunderson

Analysis of Cross-Reactive Antibodies Recognizing the Fusion Loop of Envelope Protein and Correlation with Neutralizing Antibody Titers in Nicaraguan Dengue Cases

Chih-Yun Lai, Katherine L. Williams, Yi-Chieh Wu, Sarah Knight, Angel Balmaseda, Eva Harris, Wei-Kung Wang

The Cost of Annual versus Biannual Community-Directed Treatment of Onchocerciasis with Ivermectin: Ghana as a Case Study

Hugo C. Turner, Mike Y. Osei-Atweneboana, Martin Walker, Edward J. Tettevi, Thomas S. Churcher, Odame Asiedu, Nana-Kwadwo Biritwum, María-Gloria Basáñez

Sequence Analysis and Serological Responses against Borrelia turicatae BipA, a Putative Species-Specific Antigen

Job E. Lopez, Hannah K. Wilder, William Boyle, L. Brock Drumheller, Justin A. Thornton, Bridget Willeford, Timothy W. Morgan, Andrea Varela-Stokes

Non-Invasive Sampling of Schistosomes from Humans Requires Correcting for Family Structure

Michelle L. Steinauer, Mark R. Christie, Michael S. Blouin, Lelo E. Agola, Ibrahim N. Mwangi, Geoffrey M. Maina, Martin W. Mutuku, Joseph M. Kinuthia, Gerald M. Mkoji, Eric S. Loker

Cytokine Response Signatures in Disease Progression and Development of Severe Clinical Outcomes for Leptospirosis

Eliana A. G. Reis, José E. Hagan, Guilherme S. Ribeiro, Andrea Teixeira-Carvalho, Olindo A. Martins-Filho, Ruth R. Montgomery, Albert C. Shaw, Albert I. Ko, Mitermayer G. Reis

Southernmost Asia Is the Source of Japanese Encephalitis Virus (Genotype 1) Diversity from which the Viruses Disperse and Evolve throughout Asia

Xiaoyan Gao, Hong Liu, Huanyu Wang, Shihong Fu, Zhenyang Guo, Guodong Liang

The Functional, Social and Economic Impact of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome in Nepal – a Longitudinal Follow-Up Study

Michael J. Griffiths, Jennifer V. Lemon, Ajit Rayamajhi, Prakash Poudel, Pramina Shrestha, Vijay Srivastav, Rachel Kneen, Antonieta Medina-Lara, Rupa R. Singh, Tom Solomon

A Novel Clinical Grading Scale to Guide the Management of Crusted Scabies

Joshua S. Davis, Steven McGloughlin, Steven Y. C. Tong, Shelley F. Walton, Bart J. Currie

Sex-Biased Expression of MicroRNAs in Schistosoma mansoni

Antonio Marco, Ana Kozomara, Jerome H. L. Hui, Aidan M. Emery, David Rollinson, Sam Griffiths-Jones, Matthew Ronshaugen

Transcriptome Analysis of Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Exposed to Lassa Virus and to the Attenuated Mopeia/Lassa Reassortant 29 (ML29), a Vaccine Candidate

Juan Carlos Zapata, Ricardo Carrion Jr, Jean L. Patterson, Oswald Crasta, Yan Zhang, Sachin Mani, Marti Jett, Bhawna Poonia, Mahmoud Djavani, David M. White, Igor S. Lukashevich, Maria S. Salvato

Socio-Cultural Aspects of Chagas Disease: A Systematic Review of Qualitative Research

Laia Ventura-Garcia, Maria Roura, Christopher Pell, Elisabeth Posada, Joaquim Gascón, Edelweis Aldasoro, Jose Muñoz, Robert Pool

Discriminating Malaria from Dengue Fever in Endemic Areas: Clinical and Biological Criteria, Prognostic Score and Utility of the C-Reactive Protein: A Retrospective Matched-Pair Study in French Guiana

Loïc Epelboin, Charlotte Boullé, Sihem Ouar-Epelboin, Matthieu Hanf, Philippe Dussart, Félix Djossou, Mathieu Nacher, Bernard Carme

A Neutralizing Monoclonal Antibody Targeting the Acid-Sensitive Region in Chikungunya Virus E2 Protects from Disease

Suganya Selvarajah, Nicole R. Sexton, Kristen M. Kahle, Rachel H. Fong, Kimberly-Anne Mattia, Joy Gardner, Kai Lu, Nathan M. Liss, Beatriz Salvador, David F. Tucker, Trevor Barnes, Manu Mabila, Xiangdong Zhou, Giada Rossini, Joseph B. Rucker, David Avram Sanders, Andreas Suhrbier, Vittorio Sambri, Alain Michault, Marcus O. Muench, Benjamin J. Doranz, Graham Simmons

Schistosoma mansoni Sirtuins: Characterization and Potential as Chemotherapeutic Targets

Julien Lancelot, Stéphanie Caby, Florence Dubois-Abdesselem, Mathieu Vanderstraete, Jacques Trolet, Guilherme Oliveira, Franz Bracher, Manfred Jung, Raymond J. Pierce

Co-Circulation of Toscana Virus and Punique Virus in Northern Tunisia: A Microneutralisation-Based Seroprevalence Study

Sonia Sakhria, Laurence Bichaud, Mohamed Mensi, Nicolas Salez, Khalil Dachraoui, Laurence Thirion, Saifedine Cherni, Ifhem Chelbi, Xavier De Lamballerie, Elyes Zhioua, Rémi N. Charrel

A Fusion-Inhibiting Peptide against Rift Valley Fever Virus Inhibits Multiple, Diverse Viruses

Jeffrey W. Koehler, Jeffrey M. Smith, Daniel R. Ripoll, Kristin W. Spik, Shannon L. Taylor, Catherine V. Badger, Rebecca J. Grant, Monica M. Ogg, Anders Wallqvist, Mary C. Guttieri, Robert F. Garry, Connie S. Schmaljohn

Mosquito-Parasite Interactions Can Shape Filariasis Transmission Dynamics and Impact Elimination Programs

Sara M. Erickson, Edward K. Thomsen, John B. Keven, Naomi Vincent, Gussy Koimbu, Peter M. Siba, Bruce M. Christensen, Lisa J. Reimer

Ecological and Control Techniques for Sand Flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) Associated with Rodent Reservoirs of Leishmaniasis

Thomas M. Mascari, Hanafi A. Hanafi, Ryan E. Jackson, Souâd Ouahabi, Btissam Ameur, Chafika Faraj, Peter J. Obenauer, Joseph W. Diclaro II, Lane D. Foil

Concurrent Infections of Giardia duodenalis, Enterocytozoon bieneusi, and Clostridium difficile in Children during a Cryptosporidiosis Outbreak in a Pediatric Hospital in China

Lin Wang, Lihua Xiao, Liping Duan, Jianbin Ye, Yaqiong Guo, Meijin Guo, Lili Liu, Yaoyu Feng

Comparison of Phylogeny, Venom Composition and Neutralization by Antivenom in Diverse Species of Bothrops Complex

Leijiane F. Sousa, Carolina A. Nicolau, Pedro S. Peixoto, Juliana L. Bernardoni, Sâmella S. Oliveira, José Antonio Portes-Junior, Rosa Helena V. Mourão, Isa Lima-dos-Santos, Ida S. Sano-Martins, Hipócrates M. Chalkidis, Richard H. Valente, Ana M. Moura-da-Silva

Evidence of Local Persistence of Human Anthrax in the Country of Georgia Associated with Environmental and Anthropogenic Factors

Ian T. Kracalik, Lile Malania, Nikoloz Tsertsvadze, Julietta Manvelyan, Lela Bakanidze, Paata Imnadze, Shota Tsanava, Jason K. Blackburn

Infection of Domestic Dogs in Peru by Zoonotic Bartonella Species: A Cross-Sectional Prevalence Study of 219 Asymptomatic Dogs

Pedro Paulo V. P. Diniz, Bridget A. Morton, Maryam Tngrian, Malika Kachani, Eduardo A. Barrón, Cesar M. Gavidia, Robert H. Gilman, Noelia P. Angulo, Elliott C. Brenner, Richard Lerner, Bruno B. Chomel

A High Force of Plasmodium vivax Blood-Stage Infection Drives the Rapid Acquisition of Immunity in Papua New Guinean Children

Cristian Koepfli, Kathryn L. Colborn, Benson Kiniboro, Enmoore Lin, Terence P. Speed, Peter M. Siba, Ingrid Felger, Ivo Mueller

Administration of E2 and NS1 siRNAs Inhibit Chikungunya Virus Replication In Vitro and Protects Mice Infected with the Virus

Deepti Parashar, Mandar S. Paingankar, Satyendra Kumar, Mangesh D. Gokhale, A. B. Sudeep, Sapana B. Shinde, V. A. Arankalle

Hookworm Infection and Environmental Factors in Mbeya Region, Tanzania: A Cross-Sectional, Population-Based Study

Helene Riess, Petra Clowes, Inge Kroidl, Dickens O. Kowuor, Anthony Nsojo, Chacha Mangu, Steffen A. Schüle, Ulrich Mansmann, Christof Geldmacher, Seif Mhina, Leonard Maboko, Michael Hoelscher, Elmar Saathoff

Suppression of Virus Specific Immune Responses by IL-10 in Acute Dengue Infection

Gathsaurie Neelika Malavige, Chandima Jeewandara, K. M. Luckmaal Alles, Maryam Salimi, Laksiri Gomes, Achala Kamaladasa, S. D. Jayaratne, Graham Stuart Ogg

Lymphatic Filariasis in Nigeria; Micro-stratification Overlap Mapping (MOM) as a Prerequisite for Cost-Effective Resource Utilization in Control and Surveillance

Patricia N. Okorie, George O. Ademowo, Yisa Saka, Emmanuel Davies, Chukwu Okoronkwo, Moses J. Bockarie, David H. Molyneux, Louise A. Kelly-Hope

Patterns of Migration and Risks Associated with Leprosy among Migrants in Maranhão, Brazil

Christine Murto, Frédérique Chammartin, Karolin Schwarz, Lea Marcia Melo da Costa, Charles Kaplan, Jorg Heukelbach

Ex Vivo Innate Immune Cytokine Signature of Enhanced Risk of Relapsing Brucellosis

Kristyn E. Feldman, Paul M. Loriaux, Mayuko Saito, Iskra Tuero, Homarh Villaverde, Tenaya Siva, Eduardo Gotuzzo, Robert H. Gilman, Alexander Hoffmann, Joseph M. Vinetz