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August 2011

Biomphalaria glabrata snails are an intermediate host species for Schistosoma mansoni. Persons infected with schistosomes may be more susceptible to HIV infection, and treatment for the parasite may be a low-cost public health measure to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS in schistosomiasis-endemic areas. See Ruprecht et al., doi:10.1371/journal.pntd.0001270

Image Credit: W. Evan Secor (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)


Freedom, Justice, and Neglected Tropical Diseases

Carlos Franco-Paredes, Jose I. Santos-Preciado


Establishing Transgenic Schistosomes

Victoria H. Mann, Sutas Suttiprapa, Gabriel Rinaldi, Paul J. Brindley


Schistosomiasis Research in the Dongting Lake Region and Its Impact on Local and National Treatment and Control in China

Donald P. McManus, Darren J. Gray, Allen G. Ross, Gail M. Williams, Hong-Bin He, Yue-Sheng Li

Tsetse Salivary Gland Hypertrophy Virus: Hope or Hindrance for Tsetse Control?

Adly M. M. Abd-Alla, Andrew G. Parker, Marc J. B. Vreysen, Max Bergoin

Research Articles

How Do Tsetse Recognise Their Hosts? The Role of Shape in the Responses of Tsetse (Glossina fuscipes and G. palpalis) to Artificial Hosts

Inaki Tirados, Johan Esterhuizen, Jean Baptiste Rayaisse, Abdoulaye Diarrassouba, Dramane Kaba, Serge Mpiana, Glyn A. Vale, Philippe Solano, Michael J. Lehane, Stephen J. Torr

Diagnostic Accuracy of a Prototype Point-of-Care Test for Ocular Chlamydia trachomatis under Field Conditions in The Gambia and Senegal

Emma M. Harding-Esch, Martin J. Holland, Jean-François Schémann, Sandra Molina, Isatou Sarr, Aura A. Andreasen, Chrissy h. Roberts, Ansumana Sillah, Boubacar Sarr, Edward F. Harding, Tansy Edwards, Robin L. Bailey, David C. W. Mabey

Prevalence of Human African Trypanosomiasis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Dieudonne Mumba, Elaine Bohorquez, Jane Messina, Victor Kande, Steven M. Taylor, Antoinette K. Tshefu, Jeremie Muwonga, Melchior M. Kashamuka, Michael Emch, Richard Tidwell, Philippe Büscher, Steven R. Meshnick

Glucose Starvation Boosts Entamoeba histolytica Virulence

Ayala Tovy, Rivka Hertz, Rama Siman-Tov, Sylvie Syan, Daniela Faust, Nancy Guillen, Serge Ankri

Using Detergent to Enhance Detection Sensitivity of African Trypanosomes in Human CSF and Blood by Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP)

Dennis J. Grab, Olga V. Nikolskaia, Noboru Inoue, Oriel M. M. Thekisoe, Liam J. Morrison, Wendy Gibson, J. Stephen Dumler

First Report of Sylvatic DENV-2-Associated Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever in West Africa

Leticia Franco, Gustavo Palacios, José Antonio Martinez, Ana Vázquez, Nazir Savji, Fernando De Ory, María Paz Sanchez-Seco, Dolores Martín, W. Ian Lipkin, Antonio Tenorio

Secondary Buruli Ulcer Skin Lesions Emerging Several Months after Completion of Chemotherapy: Paradoxical Reaction or Evidence for Immune Protection?

Marie-Thérèse Ruf, Annick Chauty, Ambroise Adeye, Marie-Françoise Ardant, Hugues Koussemou, Roch Christian Johnson, Gerd Pluschke

Delayed Psychological Morbidity Associated with Snakebite Envenoming

Shehan S. Williams, Chamara A. Wijesinghe, Shaluka F. Jayamanne, Nicholas A. Buckley, Andrew H. Dawson, David G. Lalloo, H. Janaka de Silva

Profiles of Small Non-Coding RNAs in Schistosoma japonicum during Development

Pengfei Cai, Nan Hou, Xianyu Piao, Shuai Liu, Haiying Liu, Fan Yang, Jianwei Wang, Qi Jin, Heng Wang, Qijun Chen

Improving the Cost-Effectiveness of Visual Devices for the Control of Riverine Tsetse Flies, the Major Vectors of Human African Trypanosomiasis

Johan Esterhuizen, Jean Baptiste Rayaisse, Inaki Tirados, Serge Mpiana, Philippe Solano, Glyn A. Vale, Michael J. Lehane, Stephen J. Torr

Multilocus Genotyping of Human Giardia Isolates Suggests Limited Zoonotic Transmission and Association between Assemblage B and Flatulence in Children

Marianne Lebbad, Ingvor Petersson, Lillemor Karlsson, Silvia Botero-Kleiven, Jan O. Andersson, Bo Svenungsson, Staffan G. Svärd

Sulfate Activation in Mitosomes Plays an Important Role in the Proliferation of Entamoeba histolytica

Fumika Mi-ichi, Takashi Makiuchi, Atsushi Furukawa, Dan Sato, Tomoyoshi Nozaki

A Multi-Center Randomized Trial to Assess the Efficacy of Gatifloxacin versus Ciprofloxacin for the Treatment of Shigellosis in Vietnamese Children

Ha Vinh, Vo Thi Cuc Anh, Nguyen Duc Anh, James I. Campbell, Nguyen Van Minh Hoang, Tran Vu Thieu Nga, Nguyen Thi Khanh Nhu, Pham Van Minh, Cao Thu Thuy, Pham Thanh Duy, Le Thi Phuong, Ha Thi Loan, Mai Thu Chinh, Nguyen Thi Thu Thao, Nguyen Thi Hong Tham, Bui Li Mong, Phan Van Be Bay, Jeremy N. Day, Christiane Dolecek, Nguyen Phu Huong Lan, To Song Diep, Jeremy J. Farrar, Nguyen Van Vinh Chau, Marcel Wolbers, Stephen Baker

A Single Dose of the DENV-1 Candidate Vaccine rDEN1Δ30 Is Strongly Immunogenic and Induces Resistance to a Second Dose in a Randomized Trial

Anna P. Durbin, Stephen S. Whitehead, Donna Shaffer, Dan Elwood, Kimberli Wanionek, Bhavin Thumar, Joseph E. Blaney, Brian R. Murphy, Alexander C. Schmidt

Schistosoma mansoni Enhances Host Susceptibility to Mucosal but Not Intravenous Challenge by R5 Clade C SHIV

Nagadenahalli B. Siddappa, Girish Hemashettar, Vivekanandan Shanmuganathan, Amma A. Semenya, Elizabeth D. Sweeney, Katherine S. Paul, Sandra J. Lee, W. Evan Secor, Ruth M. Ruprecht

Male Mating Competitiveness of a Wolbachia-Introgressed Aedes polynesiensis Strain under Semi-Field Conditions

Eric W. Chambers, Limb Hapairai, Bethany A. Peel, Hervé Bossin, Stephen L. Dobson

Cryptic Diversity within the Major Trypanosomiasis Vector Glossina fuscipes Revealed by Molecular Markers

Naomi A. Dyer, Sophie Ravel, Kwang-Shik Choi, Alistair C. Darby, Sandrine Causse, Berisha Kapitano, Martin J. R. Hall, Keith Steen, Pascal Lutumba, Joules Madinga, Steve J. Torr, Loyce M. Okedi, Michael J. Lehane, Martin J. Donnelly

CD4+CD25+ Regulatory Cells Contribute to the Regulation of Colonic Th2 Granulomatous Pathology Caused by Schistosome Infection

Joseph D. Turner, Gavin R. Jenkins, Karen G. Hogg, Sarah A. Aynsley, Ross A. Paveley, Peter C. Cook, Mark C. Coles, Adrian P. Mountford

A Replicating Cytomegalovirus-Based Vaccine Encoding a Single Ebola Virus Nucleoprotein CTL Epitope Confers Protection against Ebola Virus

Yoshimi Tsuda, Patrizia Caposio, Christopher J. Parkins, Sara Botto, Ilhem Messaoudi, Luka Cicin-Sain, Heinz Feldmann, Michael A. Jarvis

Restricted Application of Insecticides: A Promising Tsetse Control Technique, but What Do the Farmers Think of It?

Fanny Bouyer, Seyni Hamadou, Hassane Adakal, Renaud Lancelot, Frédéric Stachurski, Adrien M. G. Belem, Jérémy Bouyer

Postepidemic Analysis of Rift Valley Fever Virus Transmission in Northeastern Kenya: A Village Cohort Study

A. Desirée LaBeaud, Samuel Muiruri, Laura J. Sutherland, Saidi Dahir, Ginny Gildengorin, John Morrill, Eric M. Muchiri, Clarence J. Peters, Charles H. King

Inflammatory Cytokine Expression Is Associated with Chikungunya Virus Resolution and Symptom Severity

Alyson A. Kelvin, David Banner, Giuliano Silvi, Maria Luisa Moro, Nadir Spataro, Paolo Gaibani, Francesca Cavrini, Anna Pierro, Giada Rossini, Mark J. Cameron, Jesus F. Bermejo-Martin, Stéphane G. Paquette, Luoling Xu, Ali Danesh, Amber Farooqui, Ilaria Borghetto, David J. Kelvin, Vittorio Sambri, Salvatore Rubino

Chagasic Thymic Atrophy Does Not Affect Negative Selection but Results in the Export of Activated CD4+CD8+ T Cells in Severe Forms of Human Disease

Alexandre Morrot, Eugênia Terra-Granado, Ana Rosa Pérez, Suse Dayse Silva-Barbosa, Novica M. Milićević, Désio Aurélio Farias-de-Oliveira, Luiz Ricardo Berbert, Juliana De Meis, Christina Maeda Takiya, Juan Beloscar, Xiaoping Wang, Vivian Kont, Pärt Peterson, Oscar Bottasso, Wilson Savino

Prevalence and Factors Associated with Leishmania infantum Infection of Dogs from an Urban Area of Brazil as Identified by Molecular Methods

Wendel Coura-Vital, Marcos José Marques, Vanja Maria Veloso, Bruno Mendes Roatt, Rodrigo Dian de Oliveira Aguiar-Soares, Levi Eduardo Soares Reis, Samuel Leôncio Braga, Maria Helena Franco Morais, Alexandre Barbosa Reis, Mariângela Carneiro

Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of the Secondary Symbiont of Tsetse Flies, Sodalis glossinidius, in Sleeping Sickness Foci in Cameroon

Oumarou Farikou, Sophie Thevenon, Flobert Njiokou, François Allal, Gérard Cuny, Anne Geiger

Dextran Fractional Clearance Studies in Acute Dengue Infection

Julie Nguyen-Pouplin, Thomas Pouplin, Toi Pham Van, Trung Dinh The, Dung Nguyen Thi, Jeremy Farrar, Hien Tran Tinh, Bridget Wills

The Impact of a Filariasis Control Program on Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea

Oriol Mitjà, Raymond Paru, Russell Hays, Lysaght Griffin, Nedley Laban, Mellie Samson, Quique Bassat

Infection Parameters in the Sand Fly Vector That Predict Transmission of Leishmania major

Lisa W. Stamper, Rachel L. Patrick, Michael P. Fay, Phillip G. Lawyer, Dia-Eldin A. Elnaiem, Nagila Secundino, Alain Debrabant, David L. Sacks, Nathan C. Peters

Diagnosis, Clinical Features, and Self-Reported Morbidity of Strongyloides stercoralis and Hookworm Infection in a Co-Endemic Setting

Sören L. Becker, Benjamin Sieto, Kigbafori D. Silué, Lucas Adjossan, Siaka Koné, Christoph Hatz, Winfried V. Kern, Eliézer K. N'Goran, Jürg Utzinger

Increased CD4+/CD8+ Double-Positive T Cells in Chronic Chagasic Patients

Nicolas A. Giraldo, Natalia I. Bolaños, Adriana Cuellar, Fanny Guzman, Ana Maria Uribe, Astrid Bedoya, Natalia Olaya, Zulma M. Cucunubá, Nubia Roa, Fernando Rosas, Víctor Velasco, Concepción J. Puerta, John M. González

The Susceptibility of Trypanosomatid Pathogens to PI3/mTOR Kinase Inhibitors Affords a New Opportunity for Drug Repurposing

Rosario Diaz-Gonzalez, F. Matthew Kuhlmann, Cristina Galan-Rodriguez, Luciana Madeira da Silva, Manuel Saldivia, Caitlin E. Karver, Ana Rodriguez, Stephen M. Beverley, Miguel Navarro, Michael P. Pollastri

Gene Expression Patterns in Larval Schistosoma mansoni Associated with Infection of the Mammalian Host

Sophia J. Parker-Manuel, Alasdair C. Ivens, Gary P. Dillon, R. Alan Wilson

Real-Time PCR in HIV/Trypanosoma cruzi Coinfection with and without Chagas Disease Reactivation: Association with HIV Viral Load and CD4+ Level

Vera Lúcia Teixeira de Freitas, Sheila Cristina Vicente da Silva, Ana Marli Sartori, Rita Cristina Bezerra, Elizabeth Visone Nunes Westphalen, Tatiane Decaris Molina, Antonio R. L. Teixeira, Karim Yaqub Ibrahim, Maria Aparecida Shikanai-Yasuda

The Short Non-Coding Transcriptome of the Protozoan Parasite Trypanosoma cruzi

Oscar Franzén, Erik Arner, Marcela Ferella, Daniel Nilsson, Patricia Respuela, Piero Carninci, Yoshihide Hayashizaki, Lena Åslund, Björn Andersson, Carsten O. Daub

Early Peritoneal Immune Response during Echinococcus granulosus Establishment Displays a Biphasic Behavior

Gustavo Mourglia-Ettlin, Juan Martín Marqués, José Alejandro Chabalgoity, Sylvia Dematteis

Activity In Vivo of Anti-Trypanosoma cruzi Compounds Selected from a High Throughput Screening

Grasiella Andriani, Anne-Danielle C. Chessler, Gilles Courtemanche, Barbara A. Burleigh, Ana Rodriguez

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Rapid Molecular Assays for Specific Detection and Quantitation of Loa loa Microfilaremia

Doran L. Fink, Joseph Kamgno, Thomas B. Nutman