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May 2010

This image shows THP-1 human macrophage cells (cytoplasm stained red) infected with Leishmania donovani (yellow), the most deadly Leishmania species and causative agent of visceral leishmaniasis. In this disease cellular model, macrophages are incubated with metacyclic promastigotes, which are phagocytosed by the macrophage and differentiate into replicative amastigotes. There are also promastigotes and intermediate forms of the parasite in the macrophage. Parasite and host cell DNA is stained blue. This study is the first to employ a whole-cell-based model of visceral leishmaniasis to screen for drugs affecting the parasite's viability inside the human macrophage (see Siqueira-Neto et al., doi:10.1371/journal.pntd.0000675).

Image Credit: Jair L. Siqueira-Neto


Controlling Sleeping Sickness—“When Will They Ever Learn?”

David Molyneux, Joseph Ndung'u, Ian Maudlin

“Piggy-Backing” on Diagnostic Platforms Brings Hope to Neglected Diseases: The Case of Sleeping Sickness

Joseph Mathu Ndung'u, Sylvain Bieler, Giorgio Roscigno

NECT Is Next: Implementing the New Drug Combination Therapy for Trypanosoma brucei gambiense Sleeping Sickness

Oliver Yun, Gerardo Priotto, Jacqueline Tong, Laurence Flevaud, François Chappuis


Consequences of the Expanding Global Distribution of Aedes albopictus for Dengue Virus Transmission

Louis Lambrechts, Thomas W. Scott, Duane J. Gubler

Research Articles

Adaptive Developmental Delay in Chagas Disease Vectors: An Evolutionary Ecology Approach

Frédéric Menu, Marine Ginoux, Etienne Rajon, Claudio R. Lazzari, Jorge E. Rabinovich

Population Genetics as a Tool to Select Tsetse Control Strategies: Suppression or Eradication of Glossina palpalis gambiensis in the Niayes of Senegal

Philippe Solano, Dramane Kaba, Sophie Ravel, Naomi A. Dyer, Baba Sall, Marc J. B. Vreysen, Momar T. Seck, Heather Darbyshir, Laetitia Gardes, Martin J. Donnelly, Thierry De Meeûs, Jérémy Bouyer

The Importance of Drains for the Larval Development of Lymphatic Filariasis and Malaria Vectors in Dar es Salaam, United Republic of Tanzania

Marcia C. Castro, Shogo Kanamori, Khadija Kannady, Sigsbert Mkude, Gerry F. Killeen, Ulrike Fillinger

The Impact of Schistosoma japonicum Infection and Treatment on Ultrasound-Detectable Morbidity: A Five-Year Cohort Study in Southwest China

Elizabeth J. Carlton, Michelle Hsiang, Yi Zhang, Sarah Johnson, Alan Hubbard, Robert C. Spear

Co-ordinated Gene Expression in the Liver and Spleen during Schistosoma japonicum Infection Regulates Cell Migration

Melissa L. Burke, Donald P. McManus, Grant A. Ramm, Mary Duke, Yuesheng Li, Malcolm K. Jones, Geoffrey N. Gobert

Lineage Analysis of Circulating Trypanosoma cruzi Parasites and Their Association with Clinical Forms of Chagas Disease in Bolivia

Ramona del Puerto, Juan Eiki Nishizawa, Mihoko Kikuchi, Naomi Iihoshi, Yelin Roca, Cinthia Avilas, Alberto Gianella, Javier Lora, Freddy Udalrico Gutierrez Velarde, Luis Alberto Renjel, Sachio Miura, Hiroo Higo, Norihiro Komiya, Koji Maemura, Kenji Hirayama

Chagas Cardiomyopathy in the Context of the Chronic Disease Transition

Alicia I. Hidron, Robert H. Gilman, Juan Justiniano, Anna J. Blackstock, Carlos LaFuente, Walter Selum, Martiza Calderon, Manuela Verastegui, Lisbeth Ferrufino, Eduardo Valencia, Jeffrey A. Tornheim, Seth O'Neal, Robert Comer, Gerson Galdos-Cardenas, Caryn Bern, for the Chagas Disease Working Group in Peru and Bolivia

IL-4Rα-Independent Expression of Mannose Receptor and Ym1 by Macrophages Depends on their IL-10 Responsiveness

Benjamin G. Dewals, Reece G. Marillier, Jennifer C. Hoving, Mosiuoa Leeto, Anita Schwegmann, Frank Brombacher

Secondary Syphilis in Cali, Colombia: New Concepts in Disease Pathogenesis

Adriana R. Cruz, Allan Pillay, Ana V. Zuluaga, Lady G. Ramirez, Jorge E. Duque, Gloria E. Aristizabal, Mary D. Fiel-Gan, Roberto Jaramillo, Rodolfo Trujillo, Carlos Valencia, Linda Jagodzinski, David L. Cox, Justin D. Radolf, Juan C. Salazar

Computational Identification of Uncharacterized Cruzain Binding Sites

Jacob D. Durrant, Henrik Keränen, Benjamin A. Wilson, J. Andrew McCammon

A Novel Family of Cyst Proteins with Epidermal Growth Factor Repeats in Giardia lamblia

Pei-Wei Chiu, Yu-Chang Huang, Yu-Jiao Pan, Chih-Hung Wang, Chin-Hung Sun

Patterns and Risk Factors of Helminthiasis and Anemia in a Rural and a Peri-urban Community in Zanzibar, in the Context of Helminth Control Programs

Stefanie Knopp, Khalfan A. Mohammed, J. Russell Stothard, I. Simba Khamis, David Rollinson, Hanspeter Marti, Jürg Utzinger

A Meta-analysis of the Effectiveness of Albendazole Compared with Metronidazole as Treatments for Infections with Giardia duodenalis

Shahram Solaymani-Mohammadi, Jeanine M. Genkinger, Christopher A. Loffredo, Steven M. Singer

Molecular Epidemiology of Cross-Species Giardia duodenalis Transmission in Western Uganda

Amanda R. Johnston, Thomas R. Gillespie, Innocent B. Rwego, Traci L. Tranby McLachlan, Angela D. Kent, Tony L. Goldberg

Massively Parallel Sequencing and Analysis of the Necator americanus Transcriptome

Cinzia Cantacessi, Makedonka Mitreva, Aaron R. Jex, Neil D. Young, Bronwyn E. Campbell, Ross S. Hall, Maria A. Doyle, Stuart A. Ralph, Elida M. Rabelo, Shoba Ranganathan, Paul W. Sternberg, Alex Loukas, Robin B. Gasser

Epidemiology of Dengue Virus in Iquitos, Peru 1999 to 2005: Interepidemic and Epidemic Patterns of Transmission

Amy C. Morrison, Sharon L. Minnick, Claudio Rocha, Brett M. Forshey, Steven T. Stoddard, Arthur Getis, Dana A. Focks, Kevin L. Russell, James G. Olson, Patrick J. Blair, Douglas M. Watts, Moises Sihuincha, Thomas W. Scott, Tadeusz J. Kochel

Transmission of West Nile Virus by Culex quinquefasciatus Say Infected with Culex Flavivirus Izabal

Rebekah J. Kent, Mary B. Crabtree, Barry R. Miller

Large Scale Immune Profiling of Infected Humans and Goats Reveals Differential Recognition of Brucella melitensis Antigens

Li Liang, Diana Leng, Chad Burk, Rie Nakajima-Sasaki, Matthew A. Kayala, Vidya L. Atluri, Jozelyn Pablo, Berkay Unal, Thomas A. Ficht, Eduardo Gotuzzo, Mayuko Saito, W. John W. Morrow, Xiaowu Liang, Pierre Baldi, Robert H. Gilman, Joseph M. Vinetz, Renée M. Tsolis, Philip L. Felgner

Antileishmanial High-Throughput Drug Screening Reveals Drug Candidates with New Scaffolds

Jair L. Siqueira-Neto, Ok-Ryul Song, Hyunrim Oh, Jeong-Hun Sohn, Gyongseon Yang, Jiyoun Nam, Jiyeon Jang, Jonathan Cechetto, Chang Bok Lee, Seunghyun Moon, Auguste Genovesio, Eric Chatelain, Thierry Christophe, Lucio H. Freitas-Junior

BAFF Mediates Splenic B Cell Response and Antibody Production in Experimental Chagas Disease

Daniela A. Bermejo, María C. Amezcua-Vesely, Carolina L. Montes, María C. Merino, Ricardo C. Gehrau, Hugo Cejas, Eva V. Acosta-Rodríguez, Adriana Gruppi