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July 2009

This scanning electron micrograph of two Schistosoma mansoni schistosomula (approximately 200 x 60 µm) was captured just after mechanical transformation from cercariae (the larval stage infective to humans). These schistosomula form the basis for a medium-throughput screen to identify novel antischistosomals (see article by Abdulla et al. 10.1371/journal.pntd.0000478) recently developed at the UCSF Sandler Center. The image presents a ventral view with the anterior end of each animal at top left. The ventral sucker (large depression) is positioned two-thirds of the way from the anterior and the much smaller mouth opening is approximately a quarter of the way down the length of each animal. Note that each schistosomulum is covered with spines that face backward along the parasite, probably to ease entry through the host's skin once attached.

Image Credit: The image was captured using a Novelx mySEM and is provided courtesy of Stephanie Hopkins and Conor Caffrey of the UCSF Sandler Center.


Fatal Human Rabies due to Duvenhage Virus from a Bat in Kenya: Failure of Treatment with Coma-Induction, Ketamine, and Antiviral Drugs

Pieter-Paul A. M. van Thiel, Rob M. A. de Bie, Filip Eftimov, Robert Tepaske, Hans L. Zaaijer, Gerard J. J. van Doornum, Martin Schutten, Albert D. M. E. Osterhaus, Charles B. L. M. Majoie, Eleonora Aronica, Christine Fehlner-Gardiner, Alex I. Wandeler, Piet A. Kager

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The Role of Human Movement in the Transmission of Vector-Borne Pathogens

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Feasibility of Onchocerciasis Elimination with Ivermectin Treatment in Endemic Foci in Africa: First Evidence from Studies in Mali and Senegal

Lamine Diawara, Mamadou O. Traoré, Alioune Badji, Yiriba Bissan, Konimba Doumbia, Soula F. Goita, Lassana Konaté, Kalifa Mounkoro, Moussa D. Sarr, Amadou F. Seck, Laurent Toé, Seyni Tourée, Jan H. F. Remme

The Heme Biosynthetic Pathway of the Obligate Wolbachia Endosymbiont of Brugia malayi as a Potential Anti-filarial Drug Target

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Interference with Hemozoin Formation Represents an Important Mechanism of Schistosomicidal Action of Antimalarial Quinoline Methanols

Juliana B. R. Corrêa Soares, Diego Menezes, Marcos A. Vannier-Santos, Antonio Ferreira-Pereira, Giulliana T. Almeida, Thiago M. Venancio, Sergio Verjovski-Almeida, Vincent K. Zishiri, David Kuter, Roger Hunter, Timothy J. Egan, Marcus F. Oliveira

Drug Discovery for Schistosomiasis: Hit and Lead Compounds Identified in a Library of Known Drugs by Medium-Throughput Phenotypic Screening

Maha-Hamadien Abdulla, Debbie S. Ruelas, Brian Wolff, June Snedecor, Kee-Chong Lim, Fengyun Xu, Adam R. Renslo, Janice Williams, James H. McKerrow, Conor R. Caffrey

Local Suppression of T Cell Responses by Arginase-Induced L-Arginine Depletion in Nonhealing Leishmaniasis

Manuel Modolell, Beak-San Choi, Robert O. Ryan, Maggie Hancock, Richard G. Titus, Tamrat Abebe, Asrat Hailu, Ingrid Müller, Matthew E. Rogers, Charles R. M. Bangham, Markus Munder, Pascale Kropf

Assessment of Yellow Fever Epidemic Risk: An Original Multi-criteria Modeling Approach

Sylvie Briand, Ariel Beresniak, Tim Nguyen, Tajoua Yonli, Gerard Duru, Chantal Kambire, William Perea, The Yellow Fever Risk Assessment Group (YF-RAG)

Improving the Cost-Effectiveness of Artificial Visual Baits for Controlling the Tsetse Fly Glossina fuscipes fuscipes

Jenny M. Lindh, Steve J. Torr, Glyn A. Vale, Mike J. Lehane

Comparative Expression Profiling of Leishmania: Modulation in Gene Expression between Species and in Different Host Genetic Backgrounds

Daniel P. Depledge, Krystal J. Evans, Alasdair C. Ivens, Naveed Aziz, Asher Maroof, Paul M. Kaye, Deborah F. Smith