Table of Contents: May 2009

Tsetse flies are the vectors of human sleeping sickness and nagana in domesticated animals. Glossina fuscipes spp., which currently are responsible for more than 90% of all sleeping sickness cases, are associated with the vegetation along the banks of rivers and lakes and commonly include the reptiles found there in their diet (see Omolo et al., doi:10.1371/journal.pntd.0000435).

Image Credit: Johan Esterhuizen, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine


Africa's 32 Cents Solution for HIV/AIDS

Peter J. Hotez, Alan Fenwick, Eyrun F. Kjetland

Policy Platform

From Innovation to Application

An Innovative Database for Epidemiological Field Studies of Neglected Tropical Diseases

Darren J. Gray, Simon J. Forsyth, Robert S. Li, Donald P. McManus, YueSheng Li, Honggen Chen, Feng Zheng, Gail M. Williams


Do Antenatal Parasite Infections Devalue Childhood Vaccination?

A. Desiree LaBeaud, Indu Malhotra, Maria J. King, Christopher L. King, Charles H. King

Research Articles

Leishmania infantum Amastigotes Enhance HIV-1 Production in Cocultures of Human Dendritic Cells and CD4+ T Cells by Inducing Secretion of IL-6 and TNF-α

Ravendra Garg, Corinne Barat, Michel Ouellet, Robert Lodge, Michel J. Tremblay

Community Management of Endemic Scabies in Remote Aboriginal Communities of Northern Australia: Low Treatment Uptake and High Ongoing Acquisition

Sophie La Vincente, Therese Kearns, Christine Connors, Scott Cameron, Jonathan Carapetis, Ross Andrews

Strong Host-Feeding Preferences of the Vector Triatoma infestans Modified by Vector Density: Implications for the Epidemiology of Chagas Disease

Ricardo E. Gürtler, Leonardo A. Ceballos, Paula Ordóñez-Krasnowski, Leonardo A. Lanati, Raúl Stariolo, Uriel Kitron

Spatio-Temporal Tracking and Phylodynamics of an Urban Dengue 3 Outbreak in São Paulo, Brazil

Adriano Mondini, Roberta Vieira de Moraes Bronzoni, Silvia Helena Pereira Nunes, Francisco Chiaravalloti Neto, Eduardo Massad, Wladimir J. Alonso, Eduardo S. M. Lázzaro, Amena Alcântara Ferraz, Paolo Marinho de Andrade Zanotto, Maurício Lacerda Nogueira

Early Exposure of Infants to GI Nematodes Induces Th2 Dominant Immune Responses Which Are Unaffected by Periodic Anthelminthic Treatment

Victoria J. Wright, Shaali Makame Ame, Haji Said Haji, Rosemary E. Weir, David Goodman, David I. Pritchard, Mahdi Ramsan Mohamed, Hamad Juma Haji, James M. Tielsch, Rebecca J. Stoltzfus, Quentin D. Bickle

Cholera Epidemics, War and Disasters around Goma and Lake Kivu: An Eight-Year Survey

Didier Bompangue, Patrick Giraudoux, Martine Piarroux, Guy Mutombo, Rick Shamavu, Bertrand Sudre, Annie Mutombo, Vital Mondonge, Renaud Piarroux

A Four-Antigen Mixture for Rapid Assessment of Onchocerca volvulus Infection

Peter D. Burbelo, Hannah P. Leahy, Michael J. Iadarola, Thomas B. Nutman

Control of Pyrethroid-Resistant Chagas Disease Vectors with Entomopathogenic Fungi

Nicolás Pedrini, Sergio J. Mijailovsky, Juan R. Girotti, Raúl Stariolo, Rubén M. Cardozo, Alberto Gentile, M. Patricia Juárez

Prospects for Developing Odour Baits To Control Glossina fuscipes spp., the Major Vector of Human African Trypanosomiasis

Maurice O. Omolo, Ahmed Hassanali, Serge Mpiana, Johan Esterhuizen, Jenny Lindh, Mike J. Lehane, Philippe Solano, Jean Baptiste Rayaisse, Glyn A. Vale, Steve J. Torr, Inaki Tirados

Australia's Dengue Risk Driven by Human Adaptation to Climate Change

Nigel W. Beebe, Robert D. Cooper, Pipi Mottram, Anthony W. Sweeney

A Comparative Study of the Spatial Distribution of Schistosomiasis in Mali in 1984–1989 and 2004–2006

Archie C. A. Clements, Elisa Bosqué-Oliva, Moussa Sacko, Aly Landouré, Robert Dembélé, Mamadou Traoré, Godefroy Coulibaly, Albis F. Gabrielli, Alan Fenwick, Simon Brooker

WR279,396, a Third Generation Aminoglycoside Ointment for the Treatment of Leishmania major Cutaneous Leishmaniasis: A Phase 2, Randomized, Double Blind, Placebo Controlled Study

Afif Ben Salah, Pierre A. Buffet, Gloria Morizot, Nathalie Ben Massoud, Amor Zâatour, Nissaf Ben Alaya, Nabil Bel Haj Hamida, Zaher El Ahmadi, Matthew T. Downs, Philip L. Smith, Koussay Dellagi, Max Grögl