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April 2009

Most organisms segregate their duplicated genome copies on bipolar microtubular spindles. E. histolytica nuclei often accumulate multiple copies of the genome. This micrograph shows multi-polar microtubular spindles where genome segregation likely occurs in E. histolytica cells (see Mukherjee et al., doi:10.1371/journal.pntd.0000409).

Image Credit: Shubhra Majumder, Bose Institute


One World Health: Neglected Tropical Diseases in a Flat World

Peter J. Hotez


Conducting Research in Disease Outbreaks

Ruth Macklin, Ethan Cowan

Introduction of Dengue Virus 4 (DENV-4) Genotype I into Brazil from Asia?

Fernando Lucas de Melo, Camila Malta Romano, Paolo Marinho de Andrade Zanotto

Research Articles

Development and Evaluation of Two Simple, Rapid Immunochromatographic Tests for the Detection of Yersinia pestis Antibodies in Humans and Reservoirs

Minoarisoa Rajerison, Sylvie Dartevelle, Lalao A. Ralafiarisoa, Idir Bitam, Dinh Thi Ngoc Tuyet, Voahangy Andrianaivoarimanana, Faridabano Nato, Lila Rahalison

Dengue Virus Serotype 2 from a Sylvatic Lineage Isolated from a Patient with Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

Jane Cardosa, Mong How Ooi, Phaik Hooi Tio, David Perera, Edward C. Holmes, Khatijar Bibi, Zahara Abdul Manap

Effects of a Five-Year Citywide Intervention Program To Control Aedes aegypti and Prevent Dengue Outbreaks in Northern Argentina

Ricardo E. Gürtler, Fernando M. Garelli, Héctor D. Coto

A Kernel for Open Source Drug Discovery in Tropical Diseases

Leticia Ortí, Rodrigo J. Carbajo, Ursula Pieper, Narayanan Eswar, Stephen M. Maurer, Arti K. Rai, Ginger Taylor, Matthew H. Todd, Antonio Pineda-Lucena, Andrej Sali, Marc A. Marti-Renom

Accurate Real-Time PCR Strategy for Monitoring Bloodstream Parasitic Loads in Chagas Disease Patients

Tomas Duffy, Margarita Bisio, Jaime Altcheh, Juan Miguel Burgos, Mirta Diez, Mariano Jorge Levin, Roberto Rene Favaloro, Hector Freilij, Alejandro Gabriel Schijman

Filarial Lymphedema Is Characterized by Antigen-Specific Th1 and Th17 Proinflammatory Responses and a Lack of Regulatory T Cells

Subash Babu, Sajid Q. Bhat, N. Pavan Kumar, Angelo B. Lipira, Sanath Kumar, C. Karthik, V. Kumaraswami, Thomas B. Nutman

Diagnosing Schistosomiasis by Detection of Cell-Free Parasite DNA in Human Plasma

Dominic Wichmann, Marcus Panning, Thomas Quack, Stefanie Kramme, Gerd-Dieter Burchard, Christoph Grevelding, Christian Drosten

Gene Flow, Subspecies Composition, and Dengue Virus-2 Susceptibility among Aedes aegypti Collections in Senegal

Massamba Sylla, Christopher Bosio, Ludmel Urdaneta-Marquez, Mady Ndiaye, William C. Black IV

Proteomic Comparison of Entamoeba histolytica and Entamoeba dispar and the Role of E. histolytica Alcohol Dehydrogenase 3 in Virulence

Paul H. Davis, Minghe Chen, Xiaochun Zhang, C. Graham Clark, R. Reid Townsend, Samuel L. Stanley Jr.

Phenotypic and Functional Characterization of Human Memory T Cell Responses to Burkholderia pseudomallei

Patcharaporn Tippayawat, Wipawee Saenwongsa, Jirawan Mahawantung, Duangchan Suwannasaen, Ploenchan Chetchotisakd, Direk Limmathurotsakul, Sharon J. Peacock, Philip L. Felgner, Helen S. Atkins, Richard W. Titball, Gregory J. Bancroft, Ganjana Lertmemongkolchai

Brugia malayi Excreted/Secreted Proteins at the Host/Parasite Interface: Stage- and Gender-Specific Proteomic Profiling

Sasisekhar Bennuru, Roshanak Semnani, Zhaojing Meng, Jose M. C. Ribeiro, Timothy D. Veenstra, Thomas B. Nutman