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September 2008

The ovaries of a starved female schistosome from a rhesus macaque (left) and a normal female (right). The infection becomes patent in the macaque and eggs are produced, but the host immune system slowly overwhelms the worms, they cease feeding, and eventually starve to death, suggesting a route to a human therapeutic vaccine (see Wilson et al., doi:10.1371/journal.pntd.0000290).

Image Credit: Joanne Marrison, Gary Dillon, and Alan Wilson


The Role of Medical Students in the Fight to Control Neglected Tropical Diseases: A View from Peru

Javier Villafuerte-Galvez, Walter H. Curioso, J. Jaime Miranda

Expert Commentaries

Reports on the Prevalence of Clinical Conditions Are More Convincing When Supported by Objective Evidence

Julius Schachter, Robin Bailey, Chandler R. Dawson, Thomas M. Lietman

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The Neglected Tropical Diseases of Latin America and the Caribbean: A Review of Disease Burden and Distribution and a Roadmap for Control and Elimination

Peter J. Hotez, Maria Elena Bottazzi, Carlos Franco-Paredes, Steven K. Ault, Mirta Roses Periago

Research Articles

Spatial Distribution of Taenia solium Porcine Cysticercosis within a Rural Area of Mexico

Julio Morales, José Juan Martínez, Marcos Rosetti, Agnes Fleury, Victor Maza, Marisela Hernandez, Nelly Villalobos, Gladis Fragoso, Aline S. de Aluja, Carlos Larralde, Edda Sciutto

Landscape Composition and Spatial Prediction of Alveolar Echinococcosis in Southern Ningxia, China

David R. J. Pleydell, Yu Rong Yang, F. Mark Danson, Francis Raoul, Philip S. Craig, Donald P. McManus, Dominique A. Vuitton, Qian Wang, Patrick Giraudoux

HLA Class I-T Cell Epitopes from trans-Sialidase Proteins Reveal Functionally Distinct Subsets of CD8+ T Cells in Chronic Chagas Disease

María G. Alvarez, Miriam Postan, D. Brent Weatherly, María C. Albareda, John Sidney, Alessandro Sette, Carina Olivera, Alejandro H. Armenti, Rick L. Tarleton, Susana A. Laucella

Therapeutic Effect of a Novel Oxazolidinone, DA-7867, in BALB/c Mice Infected with Nocardia brasiliensis

Lucio Vera-Cabrera, Alejandra Daw-Garza, Salvador Said-Fernández, Hector Gerardo Lozano-Garza, Noemi Waksman de Torres, Norma Cavazos Rocha, Jorge Ocampo-Candiani, Sung-Hak Choi, Oliverio Welsh

Impact of Long-Term Treatment with Ivermectin on the Prevalence and Intensity of Soil-Transmitted Helminth Infections

Ana Lucia Moncayo, Maritza Vaca, Leila Amorim, Alejandro Rodriguez, Silvia Erazo, Gisela Oviedo, Isabel Quinzo, Margarita Padilla, Martha Chico, Raquel Lovato, Eduardo Gomez, Mauricio L. Barreto, Philip J. Cooper

Elimination of Schistosoma mansoni Adult Worms by Rhesus Macaques: Basis for a Therapeutic Vaccine?

R. Alan Wilson, Jan A. M. Langermans, Govert J. van Dam, Richard A. Vervenne, Stephanie L. Hall, William C. Borges, Gary P. Dillon, Alan W. Thomas, Patricia S. Coulson

Hyaluronidase of Bloodsucking Insects and Its Enhancing Effect on Leishmania Infection in Mice

Vera Volfova, Jitka Hostomska, Martin Cerny, Jan Votypka, Petr Volf

Evidence for Positive Selection in Putative Virulence Factors within the Paracoccidioides brasiliensis Species Complex

Daniel R. Matute, Lina M. Quesada-Ocampo, Jason T. Rauscher, Juan G. McEwen

RNA Interference of Trypanosoma brucei Cathepsin B and L Affects Disease Progression in a Mouse Model

Maha-Hamadien Abdulla, Theresa O'Brien, Zachary B. Mackey, Mohamed Sajid, Dennis J. Grab, James H. McKerrow

The Burden of Trachoma in Ayod County of Southern Sudan

Jonathan D. King, Jeremiah Ngondi, Gideon Gatpan, Ben Lopidia, Steve Becknell, Paul M. Emerson

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Chlamydia trachomatis ompA Variants in Trachoma: What Do They Tell Us?

Aura A. Andreasen, Matthew J. Burton, Martin J. Holland, Spencer Polley, Nkoyo Faal, David C.W. Mabey, Robin L. Bailey