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Seropositivity and geographical distribution of Strongyloides stercoralis in Australia: A study of pathology laboratory data from 2012–2016

Fig 2

Strongyloides serology: map1 showing the number of people positive per 100,000 population, for each ABS statistical area level 3 (region), 2012–2016, Australia and greater capital cities, including the positive data from all six laboratories.

1This map was created using, our data, Tableau software, an ABS shapefile and a Mapbox base map. A = ACT; Ad = Adelaide; B = Brisbane; D = Darwin; H = Hobart; M = Melbourne P = Perth; S = Sydney; NSW = New South Wales; NT = Northern Territory; QLD = Queensland; SA = South Australia; TAS = Tasmania; VIC = Victoria; WA = Western Australia.

Fig 2