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Detection and phylogenetic characterization of arbovirus dual-infections among persons during a chikungunya fever outbreak, Haiti 2014

Fig 3

Time-scaled Bayesian phylogenetic maximum clade credibility (MCC) trees of arbovirus strains.

MCC trees for (A) CHIKV, (B) ZIKV, (C) DENV-2 and (D) MAYV were inferred from full genome sequences using BEAST v1.8.4. Gray arrows indicate strains from CHIKV and ZIKV co-infected patients, orange from CHIKV and DENV-2, black from CHIKV and MAYV (sequence for CHIKV strain from the co-infected patient was not determined). Letters next to arrows indicate ID of co-infected patients. Tips are colored by sampling location as indicated in the legends to the left of each tree; diamonds at each node indicate strong statistical support along branches defined as posterior probability > 0.9. For MAYV (D), insert box shows relationship of recent Haitian and Brazilian strains.

Fig 3