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Ebolaviruses: New roles for old proteins

Fig 3

Ebolavirus proteins VP30, VP35, and VP40 are suppressors of RNA silencing.

Cellular RNA interference requires the assembly of the Dicer:TRBP:PACT complex. VP30 inhibits RNAi by interacting with Dicer, preventing TRBP binding and complex activity. VP35 also inhibits complex assembly by binding TRBP and PACT, preventing their association with Dicer. VP40 suppresses RNAi during infection or when transferred to bystander immune cells through exosomes, though the mechanism by which VP40 inhibits the Dicer machinery is currently unknown. PACT, protein activator of the interferon-induced protein kinase; RNAi, RNA interference; TRBP, Trans-activation response RNA binding protein; VP, viral protein.

Fig 3