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Host gene expression profiles in ferrets infected with genetically distinct henipavirus strains

Fig 4

Decreased expression of genes related with cell cycle and growth signaling in the lung tissue during infection with HeV and NiV-B.

A) Evolution of gene enrichment score (Fisher’s exact test p-value) of the Cell Cycle KEGG Pathway throughout the infection. B) Functional gene classification of differentially expressed genes in the lung tissue. Regulated genes were subjected to functional classification and selected 1Gene Ontology categories and 2KEGG Pathways that are related to the immune responses and cell growth signaling are shown. For each functional category, the number of up- and down-regulated genes and the level of significance of the enrichment (Fisher’s exact test p-value) are indicated. C) Functional enrichment of down-regulated genes that belong to protein-protein interaction (PPI) hubs of transcription factors.

Fig 4