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Host gene expression profiles in ferrets infected with genetically distinct henipavirus strains

Fig 2

Viral spread across body compartments in henipavirus infected ferrets.

A comparative study using a dose of 5,000 TCID50 for each of the three viruses was performed in ferrets: viral growth in the ferret tissue, as measured by quantitative RT-PCR in the trachea (A), lung (B), olfactory bulb (C), frontal brain (D), liver (E), kidney (F), spleen (G), and blood(H); tissues were harvested from 6-week old ferrets infected with NiV-B (grey), NiV-M (black solid) and HeV (black dashed) on various days post infection as described in Materials and Methods. Samples from 5 animals per group were analyzed at each time point. * p<0.01, two-way ANOVA, Bonferroni’s multiple comparison test. Error bars represent standard deviations.

Fig 2