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Clinical and microbiologic efficacy of the piperazine-based drug lead MMV665917 in the dairy calf cryptosporidiosis model

Fig 2

Once daily MMV665917 reduces diarrhea in C. parvum infected calves.

Newborn dairy calves were infected with the C. parvum Iowa isolate and treated orally with either MMV665917 22 mg/kg once daily or drug vehicle alone from days 4–10 after infection, following development of severe diarrhea. Diarrhea was scored based on fecal consistency, with scores of 3 and 1 corresponding to severe diarrhea and normal, respectively. (A) Diarrhea scores vs. time for control (black circles) or MMV665917 treated (open squares) calves. Data are the means and SEMs (n = 7 for control; n = 6 for MMV665917 treated). (B) Scatter plot showing the area under the curve (AUC) for fecal score vs. time for individual animals. The lines indicate the means and 95% confidence intervals. p value was determined using the unpaired, single-sided student’s t test.

Fig 2