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A human inferred germline antibody binds to an immunodominant epitope and neutralizes Zika virus

Fig 4

P1F12 mAb binds to whole ZIKV, but not to DENV or recombinant ZIKV E protein.

P1F12 binding determined by both Virus Capture ELISA (top panel) and recombinant E protein ELISA (bottom panel) (19kDa protein without hydrophobic region). Control Absorbances: Whole Virus—Hu0004 (ZIKV+): 2.017, Hu002 (ZIKV-): 0.046. Control Absorbances rE: Whole Virus—Hu0004 (ZIKV+): 2.006, Hu002 (ZIKV-): 0.033.

Fig 4