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Antibodies against Immature Virions Are Not a Discriminating Factor for Dengue Disease Severity

Fig 2

Capacity of immune sera to bind immature and standard DENV2.

Binding of sera IgG to standard (std) DENV2 and immature (prM) DENV2 was analyzed by means of indirect ELISA. (A) and (B) represent the GMT of each individual serum for std and prM DEMV-2 respectively. (C) and (D) represent the GMT obtained with the pooled serum samples in four separate experiments. One way Anova and Mann Whitney was used to compare the groups, no significance was found. (E) and (F) depict the avidity of binding of the 3 sera pools to std DENV2 and prM DENV2, respectively. The data represent the mean and the standard error of the mean (SEM) of 2 experiments performed in triplicate.

Fig 2