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Two Women Presenting Worsening Cutaneous Ulcers during Pregnancy: Diagnosis, Immune Response, and Follow-up

Figure 3

(Upper panel) Parasite enumeration during pregnancy and postpartum.

Amastigotes present in the lesions were enumerated by in situ immunohistochemistry in active cutaneous lesions of both pregnant patients (PP1, PP2) before treatment, in the eighth month of pregnancy (gray bars) and 2–6 months after birth (black bars). Amastigote numbers present in lesions of nonpregnant ATL patients (average of three patients) before treatment are shown as comparison. The results are expressed as number of parasites per mm2, using a grid-scale consisting of 20×20 subdivisions in an area of 10 mm2×10 mm2, adapted to slides as previously described [24]. The results shown are median ± SEM. n.d. = not detectable; (Lower panel) Serum arginase activity. Arginase activity (U/mL) was determined in sera obtained from peripheral blood of pregnant ATL patients collected at 3, 5, and 9 months of pregnancy (black bar PP1; grey bar PP2) as well as four age-matched nonpregnant ATL patients (hatched bars). The results shown are median ± SEM.

Figure 3